Course Content

ME317A ME317B
Customer Value Chain Analysis Pugh Selection Matrix
Context Map: Problem Space Zero-Mass Design
Context Map: Opportunities Ashby Material Selection Method
Prototyping Design of Experiments
Scenario Graph Process Capability
Use Case Analysis Poka Yoke
Value Graph Robust Optimization
KJ/Affinity Diagram Requirements Flowdown & Quality Rollup
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Influence Diagram
Cost-Worth Analysis Advanced NPV
Project Priority Matrix Elevator Pitch
Product Definition Assessment Checklist  
Functional Diagram  
Structure Tree  
Project Roadmapping  
Design For Assembly (DFA) 101  
Assembly Fishbone  
DFA Analysis  
Design for Variety (DFV) Product Structure Graph  
Variety Voice of the Customer  
Dimensions of Variety  
DFV Complexity Charts  
Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)  
Robust Conceptual Design  
Scorecarding Framework  
Morphological Diagram